Switch with 10 Gig and GRE support in hardware.

George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Tue Mar 1 00:56:14 CST 2011

> It was updated last year -- apparently handled in HW now.
> 24 ports of 10GE, routing, GRE, and small form-factor = everything the
> original inquiry listed.
> FYI,
> -Jeff

No, not for TurboIron.  FESX, FSX, and SX only in that line of code.  It
is a little confusing because the TurboIron uses the same configuration
manual as the other ones I just listed, you have to look closely at the
GRE section (search the doc for 2784 should put you in the right
neighborhood).  You will notice that the TurboIron is not mentioned.  I
also looked at the release notes up to 4.2.00c and nothing for GRE on
TIX24, in fact, it won't even do PMTUD.

IPv4 point-to-point GRE tunnels

Platform Support: FESX, FSX and SX IPv6 devices running software release
FSX 05.1.00 and later
This section describes support for point-to-point Generic Routing
Encapsulation (GRE) tunnels and
how to configure them on a Brocade device.

GRE tunnels support includes, but is not limited to, the following:
* IPv4 over GRE tunnels. IPv6 over GRE tunnels is not supported.
* Static and dynamic unicast routing over GRE tunnels
* Multicast routing over GRE tunnels
* Hardware forwarding of IP data traffic across a GRE tunnel.
* Path MTU Discovery (PMTUD)

In fact, if you go to Appendix B (RFC Support) on page 1768 there is a
support matrix, you see under RFC 2784 Generic Routing Encapsulation go
across to the TIX column and there is a big fat "NO" there.

Looking at all the release notes in subsequent minor releases shows no
GRE for TIX24

Maybe you have access to a version of code that isn't in GA yet.

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