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Rhys Rhaven rhys at
Thu Jun 30 21:48:53 UTC 2011

You can run pfsense in a VM, and the GUI is rather easy. VLANs are
configured as separate interfaces. So once you configure which VLANs are
which, your NOC monkey can simply go to the firewall and edit each VLANs
separate firewall rules. The multiple Phase 2 in a single Phase 1 was
added to version 1.3, which never was released as a stable as all
development went to version 2.0. So you will have to run 2.0RC3, but
hear me out.

I've been using 2.0 on production networks and use quite a few of the
features since November of last year, at which time it was still a
snapshot release. I have consistently been updating a VM, a few home
built machines, and our embedded devices in remote offices nearly every
week since then. It has never broken anything, ever. I only put it into
production once the bugs became minimal enough that they wouldn't bother
me. Currently there is only one bug not addressed, and it isn't hard to

Also, its free, so not hard to try out. Heres the RC3 announcement with
download links.

On 06/30/2011 10:50 AM, Blake T. Pfankuch wrote:
> Howdy,
>                 I am looking for something a little unique in a bit of a tough situation with some sticky requirements.  First off, my requirements are a little weird and I can't bend them a whole lot due to stipulations being put on me.  I am in need a firewall appliance which can be run on VMware vSphere, with IPSEC support for multiple Phase 2 negotiations within a single Phase 1.  I am also in need of something that can support VLAN interfaces on the LAN side, and ideally something with multi zoning so I can keep LAN side networks separate from each without ridiculous firewall rules.  Meaning build a zone for "Customer network 1" and it displays separately (ease of management and firewall config hopefully).  I need a minimum of 10 "zones" on LAN side (/29 or /30), and NAT support for LAN to WAN (to dedicate all outbound connections to a single IP from a specific zone), ideally something extremely scalable (100-200 zones).  And here is the super fun part!  I need something that is going to be web managed primarily as minions will be doing most of the day to day maintenance, or very simple CLI config.  Willing to pay for something if need be, but looking for something that can easily handly 50-100mbit of throughput.
> Any Ideas?
> Thanks!
> Blake Pfankuch

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