[pfSense Support] Strange TCP connection behavior 2.0 RC2 (+3)

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>> -andreas
>> [who has to explain this about once a week to customers who think
>> that they bought a GigE connection but then can't "ftp" a file from
>> coast to coast at 1Gbps throughput. Use multiple TCP streams!]
> Yeah, try explaining to a VSAT customer why they don't get 10Mb/s on their 10Mb/s VSAT connection with a 600ms RTT!
> The response is.. "I don't care, I want my 10Mb/s!"...

In the 3G world, i have had good results overcoming longish RTT by
using the Hybla TCP algorithm  http://hybla.deis.unibo.it/

I am hoping it gets more default traction, especially in wireless
where the radio link is a pretty big latency source


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