Announcing Project BISMark: ISP Performance Measurements from Home Routers

Alex Brooks askoorb+nanog at
Tue Jun 28 10:30:07 UTC 2011


On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 9:48 PM, Nick Feamster <feamster at> wrote:
> Hello NANOG,
> We've launched Project BISMark, a project that performs active performance measurements of upload and download throughput, latency, etc. from OpenWRT-based routers running inside of homes.   We have tested our OpenWRT image on the NetGear WNDR 3700v2 and are currently shipping out NetGear routers with the BISMark firmware to anyone who is interested.

Is this similar to the UK (Ofcom, and US
(FCC, regulators scheme that is being run by Sam
Knows at and ?

I'd be quite interested to know the difference between them.


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