[pfSense Support] Strange TCP connection behavior 2.0 RC2 (+3)

Jérôme Nicolle jerome at ceriz.fr
Tue Jun 28 10:22:44 UTC 2011

This is a well known issues called "Long Fat Pipe Network".

There's many university papers about it and many tricks to get around
it on software-based boxes.

Adjusting your TCP window size was the best start, if it's set
properlu. The basic formula is provided in this forum post :

Good luck !

2011/6/28 Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org>:
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> Subject: [pfSense Support] Strange TCP connection behavior 2.0 RC2 (+3)
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> Hi All,
>         For the last couple of months i have been pulling my hair out
> trying to solve this problem.
> We have a 1Gbps transatlantic link from the UK to the US, which has
> successfully passed the RFC2544 test.
> At either end, we have a media converter, and a supermicro server with an
> intel quad port NIC running pfsense 2 (RC2 at one end RC3 at the other) and
> the IGB driver on the quad port.
> We can pass 1gbps either way with UDP. However we are experiencing very
> strange issues with tcp connections.
> With window scaling enabled, and a max socket buffer set to 16MB, we see no
> difference.
> Even disabling window scaling and setting the window to 16MB makes no
> difference.
> Each TCP connection starts very slowly, and will max out at around 190mbps,
> taking nearly 2 minutes to climb to this speed before *plateauing*.
> We have to initiate many (5+) connections to saturate the link with tcp
> connections with iperf.
> Real world tests transferring files, max out at 100mbps, using multiple
> connections.
> I have followed guides like this:
> http://www.psc.edu/networking/projects/tcptune/#FreeBSD
> With no luck, and have tweaked, disabled, and enabled nearly every relevant
> sysctl parameter with no luck.
> Can anyone shed some light on this?
> I am now doubting the IGB driver, and am looking to swap out the cards as a
> last ditch effort.
> However, we have tried different hardware (L3 switches, media convertes +
> laptops etc), and the symptoms still persist...
> The only constant is freebsd 8.1 - pfsense (or 8.2 for our production
> systems).
> I have tried the freebsd net mailinglist, but im hoping you lot can help me!
> Cheers in advance
> Will
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