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Mark Andrews marka at
Mon Jun 27 00:26:25 UTC 2011

In message <BANLkTikzmCsHAxFfwQ2pidFPKXCTQTRBNA at>, Deric Kwok wr
> Hi all
> I am trying to configure website for testing ipv6
> Just wander how internet users eg: DSL users can visit this website
> and any people can access this website over the world
> Thank you

About 10-6% of the net is dual stack capable, there is a working
IPv6 path from the brower to the server.  About 0.4% of the net
prefers IPv6 over IPv4.  It was higher but changes to depreference
using 2002::/16 (6to4) as a source address have been pushed in
various OS updates.

This is updated daily.

APNIC/Geoff could use more test data sources.

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