Wacky Weekend: NERC to relax power grid frequency strictures

Jeff Wheeler jsw at inconcepts.biz
Sun Jun 26 04:44:36 UTC 2011

On Sun, Jun 26, 2011 at 12:23 AM, Alex Rubenstein <alex at corp.nac.net> wrote:
> At least here in JCPL territory (northern NJ), closed transition is frowned upon. Too much risk, they think. They are correct, really, but the risk is mostly yours. If you lock to the utility out-of-phase, you will surely lose and they will surely win. The fault you create that they will see will probably not hurt them. Unless it is extraordinarily large and you are very close to the nearest substation.

Utilities concern themselves with not only their gear and your gear,
but also your neighbor's gear.  I would not like to be next-door to a
large genset that is connected to the grid out-of-phase.  My equipment
would be affected by such an event.

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