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[[ attibutions lost ]]
>  >> toddlers around and drive to and from work. An SUV in almost all cases
>  >> is added luxury.
>  >
> > My SUV carries seven passengers and allows me to haul gear including
> > conduit, lumber, ladders, etc.  It's actively dangerous to do some of
> > these things in a sedan.

I'll just point out that that "depends on the sedan".  I had a sedan[1] 
where I could carry three full sections of commercial scaffolding _inside_
the car.  Six 5'x5' uprights, six 2'x10' platform sections, and all the
cross-braces.   10' sections of conduit, or plumbing pipe were a 'nothing'.
I could put half-sheets (4'x4') of plywood _flat_ on the floor of the trunk,
and close the trunk lid.  I had about 1500 lbs of actual cargo capacity, but 
I "wasn't legal" with over about half-a-ton on board.


[1] A Cadillac Fleetwood on the 'long commercial' chassis, with a crica 8L 
    engine, it routinely delivered 27+ mpg on the highway, with the A/C on,
    when lightly loaded.

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