ICANN to allow commercial gTLDs

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Tue Jun 21 00:00:14 UTC 2011

In message <201106202158.p5KLwAxW088140 at bartok.nlnetlabs.nl>, Jaap Akkerhuis wr
>     (Marka)
>     See RFC 1535.  Yes, a mistake was made implementing search lists.
>     A RFC was issued to say don't do search lists this way.
> Which RFC? What way?

RFC 1535.
               A Security Problem and Proposed Correction
                   With Widely Deployed DNS Software

It had to do with how search lists are constructed and processed.
A wildcard record for *.EDU.COM was added it broke communications
from COM sites to EDU sites by creating a unexpected match.  It is
the unexpected match that is the problem not the wildcard though
that made *lots* more unexpected matches.

If you want the gory detail I can give them to you.

It is the unexpected match that is the problem with simple hostnames
as global identifiers.  People expect global identifiers to work
globally and simple hostnames can't in the presence of search lists
as they produce unexpected matches.

> It would be nice if you would say what you mean instead keep referring to
> things the reader has to guess.
> 	jaap

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