unqualified domains, was ICANN to allow commercial gTLDs

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In message <3DA313A7-911E-4439-9082-B50844338786 at dotat.at>, Tony Finch writes:
> On 20 Jun 2011, at 08:43, Mark Andrews <marka at isc.org> wrote:
> >=20
> > There is also no such thing as "in-bailiwick glue for the TLD=E2=80=99s DN=
> S servers".  The root zone contains glue for TLDs.  No TLD zone contains glu=
> e for TLDs.
> "In-bailiwick" means that the nameservers for a zone are under the apex of t=
> hat zone. So the uk TLD servers are in-bailiwick: they are all of the form n=
> sX.nic.uk for various X. The com TLD servers are not in-bailiwick since they=
>  are all under gtld-servers.net; similarly the .aero servers are under .de, .
> =
> ch, .info, .org. If a zone has in-bailiwick nameservers then it must have gl=
> ue in the parent zone. It is possible for a TLD to have no glue of its own (=
> like .com) if all of its nameservers are under other TLDs. It is possible fo=
> r a TLD to have no glue at all if it shares no nameservers with any other TL=
> D - so .com has glue (shared with .net) but the .aero nameservers are all un=
> der other TLDs and are different from those TLDs' servers, so it can work wi=
> thout glue.
> Tony.

I will repeat my assertion.  There is no such thing as glue records
for the nameservers at the top of the zone within the zone itself
be they in-baliwick or not.  Glue records live in the parent zone
and are there to avoid the catch 22 situation of needing the records
to find the records.

Now glue records which match the address records of the nameservers
for the zone may still be needed but they are glue records for a
delegated zone, not the zone's apex.

One can add obsured address records for the zone's nameservers to
the zone but they are not glue records and are not needed for
operational purposes and will cause problems if loaded into old
nameservers as they will incorrectly be returned as answers. Even
some modern nameservers treat them incorrectly by returning them
as additional data.

All glue records are obsured records.  Not all obsured records are
glue records be they address records or otherwise.  Obsured records
can be of any type.

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