Address Assignment Question

Seth Mos seth.mos at
Mon Jun 20 22:08:34 UTC 2011

Op 20 jun 2011, om 23:55 heeft John Levine het volgende geschreven:

>> An organization that blocks 90% of spam with no false positives is
>> incredibly useful.
>> Using a greylisting system is equally effective without the black
>> list part.
> Hi.  I'm the guy who wrote the CEAS paper on greylisting.
> Greylisting is useful, but anyone who thinks it's a substitute for
> DNSBLs has never run a large mail system.

We use the black lists for scoring spam messages, but we never outright block messages. I was not implying that blacklists are not useful at all. I just see things in shades of grey over black and white.

Of the 17 domains we have with roughly 250 users it does well enough.



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