unqualified domains, was ICANN to allow commercial gTLDs

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Mon Jun 20 04:46:10 UTC 2011

In message <20110620033503.20835.qmail at joyce.lan>, "John Levine" writes:
> >i think he's seen RFC 1034 :-).  anyway, i don't see the difference between
> >http://sony/ and http://sony./
> Neither do any of the browsers I use, which resolve http://bi/ as well
> as http://dk./ just fine.  Whatever problem unqualified TLD names
> might present to web browsers has been around for a long time and the
> world hasn't come to an end.
> The problems with zillions of single-registrant TLDs are more
> social and economic than technical.

And your technical solution to ensure "http://apple/" always resolves
to "apple." and doesn't break people using "http://apple/" to reach
"http://apple.example.net/" is?

Similarly for "mail user at apple".

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