ICANN to allow commercial gTLDs

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Sat Jun 18 03:02:56 UTC 2011

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> howdy all from a cold room 100km north of the equator.
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> > That's an *amazingly* oblique and de minimis reference to the topic
> > on point, couched in Eric's usually opaque language ...
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> i'm reading this from the meeting room where the generic names supporting
> organization council is meeting (saturday is gnso policy day), in what
> i've heard is disneyland with a death penalty.
> two things i think "of note" have occured in the past week+:
> 1. the deparment of commerce summarized (first round!) notice and
> comment period (see the apa or ask an admin practitioner near you or read fox,
> a worthwhile activity in its own right -- google "+fox
> +administrative-law") on the iana function contract, and
> 2. the department of justice responded to the department of commerce
> request for guidance on competition policy issues and the icann board
> resolution of november last to end structural separation in the competitive 
> market created through the competitive registrar testbed in 2000.
> i read each as notice from the usg that the drift, or direction,
> depending on one's point of view, of a 501(c)(3) to which rule making may have
> been delegated, is subject to correction.
> so did anyone have a question or is my epistolary stylistic genius
> sufficient as topic of general interest?

... and he talked for 45 minutes, and no one understood a word that he said. 


I *think* you're saying that the USG may decide that it wants to piss
the world off even further, by deciding that it's made a mistake delegating
things to ICANN, and *taking them back*; is that roughly where you're going?

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