good geographic for servers reaching the South East Asia market

Michael DeMan nanog at
Fri Jun 17 03:22:08 UTC 2011

Hi Janne,

Any thoughts about Malaysia?  The outfit I am working for on this right now already has manufacturing facilities there and it would be easier for them to do it in-country.

I would guess that probably everything from Kuala Lampur area is trunked via Singapore anyway?

- mike

On Jun 16, 2011, at 6:21 AM, Janne Snabb <snabb at> wrote:

> Hello from Cambodia. I am familiar with the situation in Cambodia
> and some surrounding countries.
> On Wed, 15 Jun 2011, Michael DeMan wrote:
>> Basically looking for tips on what cities/countries/locations
>> have as much (mostly submarine cabling in this case?) fiber
>> connectivity and redundancy.  From there I can trim down where to
>> begin looking specifically at data centers and colocation options.
> Hong Kong, Singapore (and Taiwan).
> Hong Kong is the best choice for some countries in the region:
> countries such as Cambodia and Vietnam have their uplinks mostly
> through Hong Kong.
> Singapore is the best choice for others: Thailand, Malaysia and
> Indonesia have good connectivity to Singapore.
> Taiwan I would place as the 3rd option.
> No other realistic options exist in the region beyond that... US
> west coast is often the best option if you are not prepared to spend
> a lot of money (but check your upstream's peering with major SEA
> providers first).
>> Also, if anybody offhand has any tips on political stability
>> and/or the risk of some kind of unwanted censorship by a given
>> country, that would be helpful as well.
> All countries within the region are unsafe when it comes to censorship.
> Hong Kong is probably the only nearby place which does not openly
> practice censorship currently, but I would not count on that as
> it is just a (autonomous) province of China.
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