good geographic for servers reaching the South East Asia market

Michael DeMan nanog at
Wed Jun 15 23:50:48 UTC 2011

Hi All,

I guess this is a bit off-topic since this is the North American network operators group, but I was wondering if anybody had much experience with fiber infrastructure in the South East Asia area.

For reference, generally the WikiPedia entry on South East Asia describes the service delivery area:

Basically looking for tips on what cities/countries/locations have as much (mostly submarine cabling in this case?) fiber connectivity and redundancy.  From there I can trim down where to begin looking specifically at data centers and colocation options.

Also, if anybody offhand has any tips on political stability and/or the risk of some kind of unwanted censorship by a given country, that would be helpful as well.

Feel free to post back on-list or off-list.


- Michael DeMan

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