AAAA on various websites, but they all forgot to enable them on their nameservers....

Jeroen van Aart jeroen at
Wed Jun 15 20:48:51 UTC 2011

Leo Bicknell wrote:
> but it all doesn't matter because the network team hadn't actually
> made IPv6 work yet as there was no business case.

Ahhh, ok, well at least I know I did it right the first time.

> No, I'm not cynical. :)

It probably reflects daily practice for many big organisations, sadly. 
Luckily I can configure dns, firewall/routing and (ipv6) networking 
myself, so no need of passing along spreadsheets (besides I really hate 

Seth Mattinen wrote:
 > I can send you a copy of my config offlist if you'd like; there's really
 > nothing to it and it's been going along fine for as long as I can

That won't be necessary, thanks. I think I have configured it correctly 
and created the correct IPv6 records. Just wanted to make sure.



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