Question about migrating to IPv6 with multiple upstreams.

Scott Helms khelms at
Tue Jun 14 21:57:01 UTC 2011

> Yes... The key word there is perception. The question is whether it makes
> more sense to put effort into correcting mis-perceptions or to put the effort
> into providing workarounds which provide a sub-par networking experience
> to the end user.
> IMNSHO, it is better to put effort into education. I'm surprised to find someone
> from a .EDU on the opposite side of that thought. One would normally expect
> them to favor the idea of education over hackery.

There are few things harder on the planet than changing perception and 
one of the few is changing human behavior.   NAT is normal for many/most 
enterprises and the thought of trying to explain sub-par networking to 
most business leaders makes my teeth hurt.

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