Yup; the Internet is screwed up.

Don Gould don at bowenvale.co.nz
Tue Jun 14 06:59:41 UTC 2011

* 2.5GPON isn't symmetric.
* DSL and cable can be symmetric.
* Business reasons - providers don't want you hosting content at home, 
they want you hosting content in their data centers so they can charge 
for that space.  So when a provider gets a 100/100 from a telco, it uses 
90/10 dl to feed it's tails and 10/90 to push content back to the net of 
its server array.


On 14/06/2011 4:54 a.m., Seth Mattinen wrote:
> On 6/12/11 2:22 AM, Don Gould wrote:
>> 100mbit is not luxury, it's something my business needs all it's
>> customers to have to drive more uptake of my services.
>> My customers already have 10/1 today.  Now I need them to have 100/40 so
>> they have a reason to buy other CPE that in turn drives my business.
> I have to ask, why not just give them symmetric speeds? I understand
> there are technical reasons why on DSL and cable you end up with
> asymmetric, but those don't apply to Ethernet delivery.
> ~Seth

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