The stupidity of trying to "fix" DHCPv6

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> > DHCP today uses an exponential backoff if there is no response, I don't

> This could have been (but was unfortunately not) mitigated in the v6 specs by
> adding options to DHCPv4 to configure IPv6 address and gateway  at the same
> time IPv4 configuration is received,  in lieu of using v6 based
> protocols for config;

I've observed that when the unwashed masses begin deploying new technologies, they have a terrible tendency to be disobedient, to change the rules, to revise specs.  While the implementers implement and the operators operate, the professors profess to a quickly emptying lecture hall.  I have great faith that the experienced and pragmatic people who have to work with IPv6 on a daily basis will resolve things like the DHCP6/RA imbroglio.

IPv6 will be much different in a few years.  As a host guy in an enterprise-type organization, I'm looking forward to what you and people like you will cook up.

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