bgp feed to customer

Richard Zheng rzheng at
Mon Jun 13 17:25:12 UTC 2011


This is probably a typical setup for border router not speaking BGP, wonder
how to handle it properly. Border router B is connected with customer router
C. Router C wants default-only/partial/full routes. Router B can't or is not
willing to handle it. Router C has a multihop EBGP session with a backbone
router A. To get router B know the customer routes, router A redistributes
them from EBGP to OSPF.

The issue is redistribution from EBGP to OSPF works half way. OSPF database
has the external routes, but forwarding address is set to Router A. So the
routing loop occurs between A and B.

I wonder if it is a design issue or configuration issue?


 ----------                  --------------                 ------------
| BGP rtr A |  ============ | no-BGP rtr B |  ============ | Customer C |
 ----------                  --------------                 ------------

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