The stupidity of trying to "fix" DHCPv6

Ingo Flaschberger if at
Sun Jun 12 15:49:04 UTC 2011

>> And networks without RAs are very common. We call those networks "IPv4-only networks".
> No, we call those server networks.  I've seen lots of IPv6 networks with
> RA's disabled and all static devices on them.  Sometimes having hosts
> dynamically get addresses and default routes is a bad thing.

For my future ipv6 server network I tried to go without ra - but ran into 
I use ucarp from freebsd for the ipv4 servers to have a failover gateway - 
but this does not work because of dad.
So I have now a ip for each gateway, still failover via ucarp to bring the 
interface up / down and advertise the active default gw via ra.

Kind regards,
 	Ingo Flaschberger

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