RIP Joe Wood

Scott Whyte swhyte at
Sun Jun 12 04:57:58 UTC 2011

On Sat, Jun 11, 2011 at 21:33, Joe Hamelin <joe at> wrote:
> Joe Wood passed in his sleep Friday morning.  The only man I knew that had
> Juniper and Cisco logos tattooed on his forearms.  A true Internet Rockstar
> who started at a legacy ISP in Seattle, moved to Flying Crocodile, and then
> to design a fair chunk of Google's network.

He not only designed at Google: implemented, supported, and upgraded
as well, everything from optical systems to MPLS TE to routing
protocols.  He was a famous night owl, and a huge help all those wee
AMs when I was oncall and needed more hands, because he was always
willing to pitch in.

> He was well on his way to
> starting his own CLEC when his young body gave out on him. He was one of the
> most honest and loving friends that I've had in my life and the most
> brilliant IP engineer I have known.
> Please drink a toast to him with vendor supplied beer.

I intend to have more than one toast to Joe, tomorrow in Denver.  He
will be missed.


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