Question about migrating to IPv6 with multiple upstreams.

Ingo Flaschberger if at
Sun Jun 12 02:15:23 UTC 2011

> I have an interesting situation at a business that I am working on. We currently have the office set up with redundant connections for their mission critical servers and such, and also have a (cheap) cable modem for general browsing on client machines.
> The interesting part is that the client machines need to access some customer networks via the main redundant network, so we have a firewall set up to route those connections via the redundant connections, and everything else via the cheaper, faster cable modem. NAT is used on both outbound connections.
> With IPv6, we are having some trouble coming up with a way to do this. Since there is no NAT, does anyone have any ideas as to how this could be accomplished?
> In a nutshell: how do you have 2 upstream connections, and choose between them based on outbound destination?


really interesting and funny.

my only idea is to have a 2nd ip and 2nd gateway at all "users" 
workstations with explicit routes. (scales very very well, perhaps run some routing 
protocol? ospf? :)

 	Ingo Flaschberger

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