Yup; the Internet is screwed up.

Joe Greco jgreco at ns.sol.net
Sat Jun 11 13:44:12 UTC 2011

> I don't regard simultaneously streaming 6 channels of TV and downloading 
> the latest movie torrent in 2 minutes as a basic necessity, let alone 
> essential.

Ten years ago, most people would have been shocked at the idea of a
cell phone that had a touchscreen, a 600MHz CPU, 16GB flash, and the
ability to download at 1Mbps.

Yet today many people find that limiting.

You might not feel that it's important to be able to stream 6 channels
of TV and a torrent, but some of us have been saying for some time
that things are changing.  The number of TV's in a household are going
up.  Some can now stream directly to the TV.  I have numerous devices
that stream Internet radio audio, something that would have seemed
completely frivolous 15 years ago, but today my AV receiver comes with
the capability built-in and I even have an alarm clock that'll do it,
not to mention all the MP3 players, tablet computers, etc.  Streaming
video is more demanding, certainly, but for a large family, what you
propose isn't necessarily way out there, especially if we think about
ten years down the road.

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