Yup; the Internet is screwed up.

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> Ricardo Ferreira wrote:
>> Funny, how in the title refers to the Internet globally when the article
>> is
>> specific about the USA.
>> I live in europe and we have at home 100Mbps . Mid sized city of 500k
>> people. Some ISPs even spread WiFi across town so that subscribers can
>> have
>> internet access outside their homes.
> Though it's nice to have why would one *need* 100 Mbps at home?

First, since when is "Why?" important/relevant? :)
Second, working from home - video conferences while working with 10-30mb
(mostly) Powerpoint files (that people keep insisting on emailing multiple
copies of) ... and to be blunt, my time is important.  If I can get that
file in seconds instead of minutes that speed is important to me.
Third, 4 windows laptops, 1 Ubuntu laptop, 2 phones, 1 tablet and 2 XBOXes,
1 TV - all of which get updates at certain points and are
streaming/downloading various content simultaneously.  And if my console
(game or TV) is getting an update while I want to be playing/watching,
(again) seconds instead of minutes is important :).

Note that it isn't the specific speed that is important - it is relative.
 If a noticeable number of Internet users have access at a certain speed 1)
services can be built that take advantage of that and 2) those w/o that
speed are even more left out.


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