Yup; the Internet is screwed up.

Jeroen van Aart jeroen at mompl.net
Sat Jun 11 09:34:10 UTC 2011

Ricardo Ferreira wrote:
> Funny, how in the title refers to the Internet globally when the article is
> specific about the USA.
> I live in europe and we have at home 100Mbps . Mid sized city of 500k
> people. Some ISPs even spread WiFi across town so that subscribers can have
> internet access outside their homes.

Though it's nice to have why would one *need* 100 Mbps at home? I 
understand the necessity of internet access and agree everyone has a 
right to it. But that necessity can be perfectly fulfilled with a stable 
internet connection of a reasonable speed (say low to mid range DSL 
speed tops).

I don't regard simultaneously streaming 6 channels of TV and downloading 
the latest movie torrent in 2 minutes as a basic necessity, let alone 



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