Yup; the Internet is screwed up.

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Sat Jun 11 00:04:46 UTC 2011

I love how articles like this seem to convienently ignore the fact that the
US is a BIG COUNTRY, and countries like Korea and Japan are very small
countries comparitively.  I haven't done any research to backup the
following claim, but I suspect that the Russian Federation's internet
probably isn't on the level of these much smaller, denser countries.
Anecdotal evidence from friends in Russia about the quality (or lack
thereof) of their connections would support this claim though.
On Jun 10, 2011 4:44 PM, "Jeroen van Aart" <jeroen at mompl.net> wrote:
> Jay Ashworth wrote:
>> Even Cracked realizes this:
>> http://www.cracked.com/blog/5-reasons-internet-access-in-america-disaster
>> That can't be good.
> <ignorant?>
> "up to 10 percent of the country can't even get basic broadband"
> I think I saw much larger numbers a few years ago when I read some hype
> stories about how broadband access in the USA sucks. I am positively
> surprised the gap has narrowed that much.
> I wonder, what's wrong with dialup through ISDN? You get speed that is
> about the same as low end broadband I'd say. And I think it'd be
> available at these locations where DSL is not.
> To quote http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broadband_Internet_access#ISDN
> "A basic rate ISDN line (known as ISDN-BRI) is an ISDN line with 2 data
> "bearer" channels (DS0 - 64 kbit/s each). Using ISDN terminal adapters
> (erroneously called modems), it is possible to bond together 2 or more
> separate ISDN-BRI lines to reach bandwidths of 256 kbit/s or more. The
> ISDN channel bonding technology has been used for video conference
> applications and broadband data transmission."
> My low end home DSL connection has similar bandwidth.
> With regards to the writer's main gripe, if your telecommute work
> typically consists of ssh sessions and email then even y'olde dialup
> will do just fine.
> </ignorant?>
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