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Steve Clark sclark at
Thu Jun 9 23:20:29 UTC 2011

On 06/09/2011 06:21 PM, Richard A Steenbergen wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 09, 2011 at 12:55:44AM -0700, Owen DeLong wrote:
>> Respectfully, RAS, I disagree. I think there's a big difference
>> between being utterly unwilling to resolve the situation by peering
>> and merely refusing to purchase transit to a network that appears to
>> offer little or no value to the purchaser or their customers.
> Owen, can you please name me one single instance in the history of the
> Internet where a peering dispute which lead to network partitioning did
> NOT involve one side saying "hey, we're willing to peer" and the other
> side saying "no thanks"? Being the one who wants to peer means
> absolutely NOTHING here, the real question is which side is causing the
> partitioning, and in this case the answer is very clearly HE.
> HE wants to peer with Cogent, Cogent doesn't want to peer with HE, and
> thus you have an impass and there will be no peering. HE has no problem
> using transit to reach Cogent for IPv4 (I see HE reaching Cogent via
> 1299/Telia, and Cogent reaching HE via 3549/Global Crossing, both very
> clearly HE transit providers and Cogent peers), but HE has chosen not to
> use transit for the IPv6 traffic. Quite simply, HE feels that they are
> entitled to peer with Cogent for the IPv6 traffic, and has deliberately
> chosen to create this partition to try and force the issue. These are
> *PRECISELY* the same motivations and actions as EVERY OTHER NETWORK who
> has ever created a network partition in pursuit of peering that the
> other party doesn't want to give them, period.
> Again, this isn't necessarily a bad thing if HE thinks it can work to
> their long term advantage, but to try and claim that this is anything
> else is completely disingenuous. I understand that you have a PR
> position to take, and you may even have done a good job convincing the
> weak minded who don't understand how peering works that HE is the
> victim, but please don't try to feed a load of bullshit to the rest of
> us. :)
 From reading everything you have said my impression is YOU either work for Cogent or have an axe to
grind with HE.

Otherwise I can see no reason for your obvious bias against HE.

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