World IPv6 Only Day.

Daniel Roesen dr at
Thu Jun 9 19:31:50 UTC 2011

On Thu, Jun 09, 2011 at 01:34:25PM -0400, Ray Soucy wrote:
> Cisco has had MLD snooping support for some time.  But they seem to
> have broken it in a recent release, so it drops ND traffic and breaks
> IPv6; been after them to fix it, but doesn't look like it's been
> resolved yet.

Nice. Juniper went a step farther - IGMP snooping breaks some IPv6
multicast on EX series (e.g. DHCPv6). :-)

Chasing JNPR since November... Not a priority for them to fix though,
I think it's "planned" for end of this year in 11.4 or so. Who needs
DHCPv6 while using IGMP snooping anyway, eh? :-)

So if IGMP snooping already breaks IPv6, I'm really looking forward to
upcoming MLD snooping bugs :-)

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PS: PR/456700 - "closed" state and "resolved in" information is bogus,
they don't care to fix that either. It's definately NOT resolved in
10.4R3. And it affects more than just EX8200 - personally confirmed
EX3200 and rumor is "all EX".

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