Thank you Microsoft (and others)

Brzozowski, John John_Brzozowski at
Thu Jun 9 18:01:16 UTC 2011

+1 Jared.

Big thanks to all the participants and the ISOC.

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Comcast Cable
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On 6/8/11 9:20 PM, "Jared Mauch" <jared at> wrote:

>I think it's important to thank Microsoft for leaving sites like xbox
>IPv6 enabled.  Hope many other participants leave it on as well.
>I think it's a certain sign of the maturity of the protocol and networks
>at this stage of the game.
>I have observed some traffic step-down in the network, but it's not
>entirely clear if it's lowered to levels pre-v6-day.
>Looking forward to those sharing data at NANOG next week.  (I'm not
>convinced the data I have is worth sharing, but will send it over to the
>nanogpc soon enough..)
>- Jared
>On Jun 8, 2011, at 9:09 PM, Shahid Shafi wrote:
>> I dont think ISOC dashboard is updating any more. Google is no longer
>> advertising AAAA but dashboard still shows green and TTLs were short on
>> those records.

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