Cogent & HE

Saku Ytti saku at
Thu Jun 9 08:39:46 UTC 2011

On (2011-06-09 00:55 -0700), Owen DeLong wrote:

> To be an IPv6 TIer 1, one has to peer with other IPv6 Tier 1s. HE has
> aggressively tried to improve the situation through promiscuous peering
> in every way possible. If you are interested in peering with HE and
> you have a presence at any of the exchange points we are at, send
> an email to peering at HE.NET and we will peer.

I look forward for IPv4 to go away, as in future I can have full free
connectivity through HE to every other shop who all have full free connectivity
to HE. Something went terribly wrong in IPv4 land, where we're being unfairly
forced to pay to access other networks through them.

As a gesture of good faith, when I get this 100% free Internet, I vouche to
return the favor by sending all my downstream customers 5USD gift card to
iTunes, you're welcome.


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