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Ask Bjørn Hansen ask at
Wed Jun 8 23:17:33 UTC 2011

On Jun 8, 2011, at 6:51, Nick Olsen wrote:

> I'm sure someone here is doing IPv6 peering with cogent. We've got a Gig 
> with them, So they don't do that dual peering thing with us. (They do it on 
> another 100Mb/s circuit we have... I despise it.)
> Just kind of curious how they go about it.
> Do they issue you a small IPv6 block for your interface, just like they do 
> for IPv4? Is it a separate session?

Like Mark described, for us too they dropped the goofy dual-session thing for IPv4 so we just have an IPv4 and an IPv6 session now.

> Any things to be aware of before  pulling the trigger on it? (Other then them not having connectivity to HE's  IPv6 side of things, Wish they would fix that already...)

Yeah, there's that ...  (We have a couple other providers, too, so we don't really care but it's goofy).

Worse, for us, is that their router doesn't respond to neighbor discovery requests, so I had to make a static neighbor entry on our router for the session to come up.  Not very pretty.  I spent more than an hour on the phone with them and they didn't have any ideas (we have plenty other IPv6 sessions for transit and peering on the same router that are working fine).

Somewhere on the internets someone anecdotally told they had a Cisco router that did the same thing until it was rebooted.   Didn't bother calling them to tell them to reboot the router we are on.  :-)

Anyway, I guess the lesson is that they (like most providers, I am sure) don't have that much IPv6 experience and they didn't care that much that it didn't work right.  Hopefully that attitude will change over the next months.

  - ask

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