So... is it time to do IPv6 day monthy yet?

Jay Ashworth jra at
Wed Jun 8 22:18:46 UTC 2011

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> From: "Mark Andrews" <marka at>

> > It certainly sounds like it might be.
> I would do perhaps do one more then do "IPv6 TURN ON DAY" with the
> intent to *leave* the IPv6 enabled. The longer the content providers
> take to switch it on the bigger the switch on load will be. We
> still have a opportunity to ramp up IPv6 for the very big content
> providers.

I dunno; I can see why doing it in 24 hours chunks is useful, still.  But
I think that doing them substantially more frequently than annually 
increases markedly the chance that the people who Learned the Lessons will
still be there to *implement*.

And the responses so far suggest that this interim step might be a Pretty
Neat Idea.

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