Cogent & HE

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Wed Jun 8 20:19:39 UTC 2011

Or peer with HE and buy transit from Cogent (or someone on Cogent's friendly
list) - this is where I think their strategy is going to go after a while
with a lot of folks (if they have the option - that's the key).  HE will
peer with anyone I believe - Cogent has much more stringent "tier1" rules on


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On Wed, Jun 08, 2011 at 03:05:05PM -0500, Richard A Steenbergen said:
  >global reachability, in the hopes that it will strengthen their 
  >strategic position for peering in the long term (i.e. they both want to 
  >be an "IPv6 Tier 1").
  >I'm not making a judgement call about the rightness or wrongness of the 
  >strategy (and after all, it clearly hasn't been THAT big of an issue 
  >considering that it has been this way for MANY months), but to attempt 
  >to "blame" one party for this issue is the height of absurdity. PR 
  >stunts and cake baking not withstanding, they're both equally complicit.

So we have to buy from BOTH HE and Cogent?! Sounds like market fixing to me!

Guess if we do we can advertise that on our webpage... "now with BOTH halves
of the ipv6 internets!"

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