Cogent & HE

Nick Olsen nick at
Wed Jun 8 19:55:42 UTC 2011

Correct, The only way around this currently is to peer with both cogent and 
If you have cogent, You can 6to4 w/BGP with HE. I would consider that just 
a patch for the problem. I would do it just for the reachablility. 

Nick Olsen
Network Operations (855) FLSPEED  x106

 From: "Dennis Burgess" <dmburgess at>
Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2011 3:45 PM
To: nanog at
Subject: Cogent & HE

Just noted that cogent does not have a IPv6 route to any subnet in HE,
and HE does not have any routes to Cogent!  

Looks like we have different Global IPv6 tables?  Or does Cogent just
NOT peer IPv6 peer with anyone else!  


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