IPv6 day fun is beginning!

Steven Bellovin smb at cs.columbia.edu
Wed Jun 8 18:50:41 UTC 2011

On Jun 7, 2011, at 7:22 58PM, <John.Herbert at usc-bt.com> <John.Herbert at usc-bt.com> wrote:

> No issues connecting to FB for me on IPv6 (both to www.v6.facebook.com and to the AAAA returned by www.facebook.com now).
> Interesting (perhaps) side note - www.facebook.com has a AAAA, but "facebook.com" does not.
> Google / Youtube records are up and running nicely also.
> J.

I was hoping for a v6 Google logo....

		--Steve Bellovin, https://www.cs.columbia.edu/~smb

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