IPv6 day non-participants

Matt Frazer mfrazer at townnews.com
Wed Jun 8 16:26:59 UTC 2011

The list of TownNews domains participating can be found here:



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I noticed that one of our vendors wasn't actually participating when
they very publicly put on their home page that they would. So I
queried the IPv6 day participation list to see who didn't have AAAA's
for their listed website. It turned out to be around 9.5%

Before you read the list, here's me shedding responsibility with a
list of caveats:
- The crappy perl script I am using might be broken. IE - it doesn't
think about "foo.com" vs "www.foo.com", HTTP redirection, or any of
- The organizations in this list may have withdrawn because they found
out something was terribly broken.
- DNS caching may be skewing the results if the TTLs are long.

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