www.nist.gov over v6 trouble Was: Microsoft's participation in World IPv6 day

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Wed Jun 8 16:22:40 UTC 2011

On 2011-Jun-08 17:26, STARNES, CURTIS wrote:
> Typical long trip via a sixxs.net tunnel. Unlike Hurricane Electric
> (tunnelbroker.net), Sixxs has no US peering that I know of so
> everything has to hit overseas before returning back.

psst.. there is no such thing as "SixXS peering".

Each PoP (http://www.sixxs.net/pops/) is provided by an ISP and that ISP
arranges all the routing. As such, it depends on that ISP how the
routing goes.

But it is always a pleasure to see that people think that SixXS is
equivalent to a full commercial ISP with 24/7 staffing instead of the
two-man hobby project that it truly is ;)

Of course, in case of problems etc don't hesitate to use
http://www.sixxs.net/contact/ and provide the appropriate details so
that they can be relayed to the relevant people. Yes, there is a mail
queue, unfortunately there is also real work to be done, thus can't
resolve the complaint of every single person.


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