IPv6 day non-participants

James Harr james.harr at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 15:59:41 UTC 2011

I noticed that one of our vendors wasn't actually participating when
they very publicly put on their home page that they would. So I
queried the IPv6 day participation list to see who didn't have AAAA's
for their listed website. It turned out to be around 9.5%

Before you read the list, here's me shedding responsibility with a
list of caveats:
- The crappy perl script I am using might be broken. IE - it doesn't
think about "foo.com" vs "www.foo.com", HTTP redirection, or any of
- The organizations in this list may have withdrawn because they found
out something was terribly broken.
- DNS caching may be skewing the results if the TTLs are long.

==== SNIP ====
www.xiphiastec.com             Xiphiastec
www.pir.org                    Public Interest Registry
www.exactabacus.com            Exact Abacus
www.comcast.net                Comcast
www.shazzlemail.com            Shazzle, LLC
www.bangzoom.com               Bangzoom Software Inc
www.mihostcgi.com              mihostcgi
www.unclesamnames.com          American Domain Names
opendns.com                    OpenDNS
www.mutali.rw                  Mutali
townnews.com                   TownNews
www.infoblox.com               Infoblox
www.ripplecom.net              Ripple Communications
www.agame.com                  Spil Games
www.alexville.com              Alexville Games
www.hkirc.hk                   Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation
www.hkdnr.hk                   Hong Kong Domain Name Registration
www.buffalo.feb.gov            United States Office of Personnel Management
www.cyberport.hk               Hong Kong Cyberport Management Ltd
www.catnix.com                 CATNIX
sucomo.com                     Sucomo OHG
www.mybrighthouse.com          BrightHouse Networks
www.it-in.ru                   it-in
ivancorp.net                   Ivanhoe-IT
www.forestdaleinc.org          Forestdale Inc
www.towerstream.com            Towerstream
www.intuix.com                 Intuix LLC
suse.org                       Novell Inc.
www.IronNails.com              IronNails Consultancy
www.orbitdiensten.com          Orbit-Diensten
madonnaradio.com               Voila
www.gov.bc.ca                  Government of British Columbia
www.zte.com.cn                 ZTE Corporation
www.tamagawa.jp                Tamagawa Academy & University


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