IPv6 day fun is beginning!

Jamie Bowden jamie at photon.com
Wed Jun 8 12:07:27 UTC 2011

If Verizon would offer v6 on FiOS, I'd already be there.  They don't, so
I've got a tunnel coming out of HE's Ashburn, VA POP.  As far as me
losing a day (or is it gaining?), blah...too early in the morning.  It
really is only Wednesday isn't it?


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On 2011-Jun-08 13:40, Jamie Bowden wrote:
> Thanks to HE's tunnel broker service, I've got fully functional dual
> stack at home (well, mostly, like most folks, VZ gives me a single
> address and I live behind that with NATv4, but otherwise, I loves me
> some FiOS) and yesterday went by for me without a hitch, including

Yesterday was 7th of June, World IPv6 day is happening now (since 00:00
UTC 8th of June) and still on for another 12 hours or so ;)

But what you mention is something that has been seen a lot: people see
the mention of IPv6 day and suddenly want IPv6 (which is a good thing
btw and probably the most important thing) but instead of calling their
ISP and asking it from them they get a tunnel.

Getting IPv6 connectivity does not matter though as without IPv6 you'll
just reach the IPv4 version of the site like you did yesterday and most
likely tomorrow.

As for your magic that you had to do to get a protocol 41 tunnel up and
running, didn't HE.net have a PPTP trial for which they received a /15
or so from ARIN? Or did they actually not go on with it and are they now
using that /15 for other services instead?


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