Tim Franklin tim at
Wed Jun 8 09:13:10 UTC 2011

> Let me just step in here and say.. it's tough to build onto Zimbra.
> At work, we support ~1000 users on Zimbra (network edition), with
> hundreds of thousands of messages flowing through daily, and it
> doesn't like you tinkering with stuff under the hood.  Most of your
> customizations get blown away when you upgrade.  That said, I know
> of some organizations who customize it like crazy (I had heard that
> Lycos's free mail system is Zimbra-based, and Yahoo as well).
> Once you deviate, though, don't expect to stick to Zimbra's
> releases.

Seconded.  In terms of functionality and interface, I like Zimbra a lot, but they make Microsoft and Apple look like amateurs in the "our way, or not all" game.  As a small friends-and-family installation, I can't afford to dedicate a whole box exclusively to Zimbra[0], and trying to make it play nice with anything else running on the same server is a pain.  As you say, pretty much anything that they don't have a GUI setting for is a nightmare to keep working across upgrades.

I'd imagine it's actually better if you're planning a bigger-scale deployment and can have the architecture a lot more in line with how they expect it to be from the start.


[0] OK, I probably could now with a VM, but the virtualisation support on my hosting box wasn't really there when I started...

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