Facebook's IPv6 Addresses - LOL

Tim Chown tjc at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Jun 8 08:34:43 UTC 2011

On 8 Jun 2011, at 02:05, David Swafford wrote:

> This is amusing:
> In case the formatting get's lost, their initial address includes
> "face:booc" and one of the hops along the way is "dead:beef".  :-)

Cisco's is better...

$ ping6 www.cisco.com
PING6(56=40+8+8 bytes) 2001:630:d0:f103::c0:ffee --> 2001:420:80:1:c:15c0:d06:f00d
16 bytes from 2001:420:80:1:c:15c0:d06:f00d, icmp_seq=0 hlim=238 time=141.937 ms


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