Microsoft's participation in World IPv6 day

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Wed Jun 8 07:13:25 UTC 2011

On Jun 7, 2011, at 10:42 PM, Christopher Palmer wrote:

> The title of this ongoing thread is giving me heart palpitations.
> Content access over IPv6 may help "justify" ISPs investing in IPv6, but it in no means is a prerequisite technically.
> LSNs are "fine" when deployed in parallel with IPv6 IMHO. There has to be a pathway to "good" networking. 

How many of them are you planning on maintaining? May I quote you on this after you've been doing so for
a year and received 2 or three lovely FISA subpoenas for your LSN logs?

> To Lorenzo's point - I really think the next big hurdle in the transition is getting access numbers to something respectable. World IPv6 Day has only be going for a few hours, but things seem to be going fine, and it's our hope (currently) to keep available over IPv6 indefinitely. I expect other participants will keep IPv6 enabled for some or all of their respective portfolios. 

I agree with Lorenzo to a point, but...

Access will happen in due time by virtue of IPv4 runout. If content is available dual-stack ahead of that,
it dramatically reduces the need for (and load on) LSN. If it is not, then, LSN is going to be a much much
uglier situation to an extent that it might even have a catch-22 effect on IPv6 deployment in the
eyeball networks.

> This leads me to worry that in 6-18 months we'll be in a position where a lot of major content has permanently transitioned, and we're still at <1% access range. That will be awkward.
Not really.

> I'm not an ISP - but I absolutely expect that IPv6 roll-outs have long time-horizons and are fairly complex. So I hope folks are looking at IPv6 NOW, and not simply waiting for Google/Bing/Yahoo/Interwebz to enable permanent content access and organizational justification.

I don't think any of them are really waiting for that. However, I do think getting to that point is actually more
critical at this juncture than getting the eyeball networks fully deployed.


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>> Moving them to IPv6 and hoping that enough of the content providers
>> move forward fast enough to minimize the extent of the LSN deployment
>> required.
>> The problem here is not content, it's access. Look at World IPv6 day.
>> What percentage of web content is represented? Probably order of 10%.
>> How about access? Our public stats still say 0.3%
> LSN won't be required by failure of access providers to migrate.
> LSN will be required by failure of content providers to turn on AAAA.
> LSN is required when access providers come across the following two
> combined constraints:
> 	1.	No more IPv4 addresses to give to customers.
> 	2.	No ability to deploy those customers on IPv6.
> For all but the most inept of access providers, they will have some ability
> to put customers on IPv6 prior to the day they would have to deploy LSN.
> Owen

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