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Wed Jun 8 05:38:43 UTC 2011

Have a look at the Hermes mail system at, built buy among
people Philip Hazel of exam fame

It will give you some insight into the challenges of building a
scalable high perfomance mail system.


On Wednesday, 8 June 2011, Steve Spence <steve.spence at> wrote:
> That  what I found with most the open source /Linux  mail  products  that
> customizing  and extending can be difficult and a lot of time and effort.
> The  exchange is one of the easiest ways to roll out large scale web base
> email  if just  expensive in upfront  costs.
> Interns of Hotmail  they initially  use to use  Solaris for the MTA and
> storage and FreeBSD for the web services ( Apache ) they suppose of migrated
> windows by now using windows products Again I think this highly customize
> solution which may not be very useful
> we went through a similar  search for a high volume  solution which we could
> customize and brand  right now we using we high a hybrid of
> (exchange/Icewarp/Atmail/ two layers  of spam filtering )
> Steve
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>> What about starting with Zimbra's Open Source edition, and building
>> onto it?
> Let me just step in here and say.. it's tough to build onto Zimbra.  At
> work, we support ~1000 users on Zimbra (network edition), with hundreds of
> thousands of messages flowing through daily, and it doesn't like you
> tinkering with stuff under the hood.  Most of your customizations get blown
> away when you upgrade.  That said, I know of some organizations who
> customize it like crazy (I had heard that Lycos's free mail system is
> Zimbra-based, and Yahoo as well).  Once you deviate, though, don't expect to
> stick to Zimbra's releases.  It might be easier to just start fresh with
> postfix, amavis, spamassassin, dovecot, etc.  We've also run into some pain
> in scaling it out (they want you to use Red Hat Clustering, but there's no
> great way to scale out the mail store regardless).
> Ryan

Martin Hepworth
Oxford, UK

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