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That  what I found with most the open source /Linux  mail  products  that
customizing  and extending can be difficult and a lot of time and effort.
The  exchange is one of the easiest ways to roll out large scale web base
email  if just  expensive in upfront  costs.

Interns of Hotmail  they initially  use to use  Solaris for the MTA and
storage and FreeBSD for the web services ( Apache ) they suppose of migrated
windows by now using windows products Again I think this highly customize
solution which may not be very useful

we went through a similar  search for a high volume  solution which we could
customize and brand  right now we using we high a hybrid of
(exchange/Icewarp/Atmail/ two layers  of spam filtering ) 

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> What about starting with Zimbra's Open Source edition, and building 
> onto it?

Let me just step in here and say.. it's tough to build onto Zimbra.  At
work, we support ~1000 users on Zimbra (network edition), with hundreds of
thousands of messages flowing through daily, and it doesn't like you
tinkering with stuff under the hood.  Most of your customizations get blown
away when you upgrade.  That said, I know of some organizations who
customize it like crazy (I had heard that Lycos's free mail system is
Zimbra-based, and Yahoo as well).  Once you deviate, though, don't expect to
stick to Zimbra's releases.  It might be easier to just start fresh with
postfix, amavis, spamassassin, dovecot, etc.  We've also run into some pain
in scaling it out (they want you to use Red Hat Clustering, but there's no
great way to scale out the mail store regardless).


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