IPv6 day fun is beginning!

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Tue Jun 7 23:15:03 CDT 2011

In message <AF24AE2D4A4D334FB9B667985E2AE763A3AC06 at mail1-sea.office.spectrumnet
.us>, John van Oppen writes:
> I was wondering the same thing...   we have v6 enabled to about 700 users i=
> n our native Ethernet to the home deployment here in Seattle.    Unfortunat=
> ely, user routers don't seem to often support v6 resulting in only about 2-=
> 8% of users in most buildings using it, and most of those are just people p=
> lugged directly into the wall jacks we provide without routers.   I wonder =
> how long it will take for everyone to upgrade their home routers.
> John

If all the home CPE router vendors stopped shipping IPv4 only boxes,
not that long.  At the moment the price point for IPv6 CPE routers
is still 2-3x the IPv4 only boxes when you can find one though not
all of that difference is IPv6.  The IPv6 boxes often have multiple
radio and other extras.  This shows that CPE vendors still see IPv6
as something *extra* and not something that should be *standard*.

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