IPv6 day fun is beginning!

Jared Mauch jared at puck.nether.net
Wed Jun 8 03:46:25 UTC 2011

On Jun 7, 2011, at 11:31 PM, Jorge Amodio wrote:

> Thanks for the link Jared.
> I wonder how many eye-balls are really enabled to reach the IPv6
> sites. Akamai's site doesn't show very impressive numbers, trying to
> figure why 300ms latency and >4% packet loss ?

My guess is it's over the entire set of akamai properties hosted there, so cisco, bing, etc.. that all point to edgesuite and their related domains.

The latency is likely due to suboptimal tunneling vs native.  The density of IPv6 peering likely doesn't fully match the rest of the world either, sometimes you have to go across the country because someone can't do v6 on the local port.

I do also find it interesting there's not a significant spike at the AMSIX IPv6 sFlow page either.


We have seen a traffic increase but nothing like what I was expecting, nay hoping to see.  (i.e.: gigs and gigs of traffic - it does look like ~2x to me in an unscientific eye-look at a chart).

Some of this may just be due to the methods used by the various sites to enable IPv6.  (e.g.: main site only, not sub-sites, and not things like fbcdn etc).

There are people listed on the ISOC site that are not serving up AAAA records either, so perhaps they are doing last minute testing and we will see an increase as a result.  It's still early to measure a final result obviously, but the observation part is quite interesting for me now.  I do hope to see more traffic over the next 12-24 hours.  Maybe the "asia peak" time will be most interesting….

- Jared

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