Microsoft's participation in World IPv6 day

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Tue Jun 7 22:33:28 UTC 2011

We're very concerned about permanently configuring hosts into a non-standard state. That is one reason our World IPv6 Day fix is only a temporary modification of the Windows sorting order and isn't being pushed through Windows Update.

Permanently disabling IPv6 as a solution to the "IPv6 brokenness" issue is NOT recommended. Turning a transitory problem (hosts on broken networks) into a permanent problem (hosts that don't use IPv6 correctly) - risks creating a serious long-term headache.

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  While I'm far from a Microsoft apologist (not really even a fan, TBH), it's worth pointing out that they're not pushing this out via Windows Update or anything.  It's intended only as a remedy for the (as they themselves claim) <0.1% of users who may encounter issues next Wednesday:

  Fun as it might be to take it out of context, at least they're not telling people to disable IPv6 entirely (like some organizations still are).


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