v6 proof of life

George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Tue Jun 7 05:47:52 UTC 2011

> There was some additional research done by Geoff Houston indicating
> that if you exposed tunnel capable hosts (that were able to reach IPv6
> literals) you had something closer to 20% IPv6 connectivity.
> I'm already excited about traffic levels and patterns in less than 24
> hours.  Will be interesting to observe.
> - Jared
> See if you can reach this even if you don't have native IPv6...
> http://[2001:418:3f4::5]/

I am seeing about 33% of our DNS traffic from one server over v6 but
admittedly a lot of this is to the root servers that return A records
for various domains.  But the number of domains with v6 capable DNS
servers is rising.

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