(OT) UN declares Internet access a "human right"

Jay Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Tue Jun 7 04:41:54 UTC 2011

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> On Mon, 6 Jun 2011, Jimmy Hess wrote:
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> > Well, the operational concern is...
> that if you config an ACL you might be accused and brought to trial
> for crimes against humanity.

Now *this* is a valid, on-topic issue for this list.

Does your employer have written protocols concerning what should be done
and who is responsible when orders are given?

This is *not* the Nuremberg trials; Martinez-Baker is probably the controlling
case, though IANAL.

So that we're clear, though, my interpretation of the original directive
is that it forbids *member governments* from cutting off Internet access,
and I don't know that it got into enough detail to suggest that this 
applied at the tactical, rather than strategic level.

If I were running an ISP or IAP, you can bet I'd have a better answer than
that, though, and your employer should too -- If a CxO hasn't talked to
a General Counsel since that press release came out, then someone's 
falling down on the job.

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